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Data solution design

Concept and data requirements for your apps and services

No matter if you want to redesign your services, add personalised functionality based on data analytics to your existing services or simply have a new idea you want to explore and need some help or sounding board, drop us an email to start the conversation.

Business analysis

Process analysis, process re-engineering and automation

We analyse your processes, flows and integrations and help you redesign your operations to increase efficiency, output and sustainability.

Integration design

Connecting existing tools and services with APIs and connectors

Do you have services that don't talk to each other? You have have a lengthy recurring process using excel to manipulate a file only to upload it then to another system you use? We can integrate data flows between online services you use on a day-to-day basis and make sure you don't miss any insight or wonder what you've could have done if you knew your data. Get in touch to start the conversation!

Data engineering strategy

ETL and transformation design for your data processes and integrations.

We are designing data processes that do what you expect them to do. Maybe you want to create a 360° view of your customers, track interactions or start to build up a data warehouse? Let us help you make it a success. ETL (extract, transformation and load) processes commonly integrate different apps and services you might have. For instance your online shop might store the data for all purchases, baskets and transactions. ETL processes will help you move this data to your data warehouse and automate the steps. Now the data is available for you to build reports that track your performance, identify actions or even use it for your marketing automation or campaigns. If this sounds like something that can add value to your operations, email us for a chat.

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